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A Socially Awkward Boast

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Confetti - Chris Barbalis, UnSplash

So, this is going to be the cringiest thing I’ve ever written (for me, anyway.)

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything for Minimal Effort, and I’d rather not start things off again by boasting…

But, unfortunately, that’s what I have to do…

The reason for this radio silence - of, what, four months? Thirty years? Whatever – is because I’ve been focusing on fiction. Novels and the like.

And, in April of 2021, I managed to snag myself an agent. A literary agent. Book agent. Whatever you want to call it.

And I couldn’t be prouder. Three years of studying writing at undergrad, and then two years at master’s level, finally feels like it’s starting to pay off.

(By the way, this doesn’t mean that I’m getting published. It just means that this agency has decided to take a chance on me. Now they’ll represent me, do all the PR work and such, to see if any publishing houses would be interested. This agent seems to really know their stuff, and has fantastic relations with some rather important people. The real deal. So why they’ve chosen me, I’ll never know.)

But anyway, that’s the most recent development in my life.

I’m writing this boast because that’s what writers are supposed to do. They have active Twitters and Facebooks and blogs.

And I… don’t…

So that needs to change. I need to be more active and self-promotive.

It’ll be difficult, because I’m a painfully awkward person, but it has to happen.

So, thank you to my regular readers (all three of you.) It’ been a pleasure so far, and the only way is up.

I don’t really know how to finish this now.

It’s hot outside. Stay hydrated.


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